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SPG is Data Driven Intelligence for your energy asset

About Us

If you believe in total control over every aspect of your life - we have a product for you. It can not only monitor but also optimize live performance, learn and analyze trends, perform data driven credit scoring that updates with payment behaviour

Big Data Processing

The platform enables you to perform customizable data analysis and it can also embed scores for quantitive credit scoring for PAYG that update with consumer data.

Integration with different payment gateways

Supporting not just mobile wallets but different forms of payments to ensure accurate and on-repayments for our clients loan books.

Intelligent Alerts

Push updates on product health, not just to the platform but all the way to the technician on the field.

System Applications

SPG is already being used in 3 different applications and is being tested for more.

Tower Efficiency Control
Telecom Tower
Often in remote areas far from the grid, with a need of guaranteed up time - telecom towers our using our solutions to efficiently monitor and maintain their energy.
Business advisory in China
School Monitoring
Operations and Maintenance to not just optimize performance of the solar systems but also to ensure that all lights and fans are actually in working condition.
Insurance queries & claims
Off-grid home systems
Our flagship offering, the most complete and comprehensive solution for solar home systems. We offer integrated services of monitoring, payment collection and customer management.


  • Better understand your customer by appliance usage
  • Profile users by area
  • Detailed data analysis capability to sort and understand customers

Keep in touch with your customer

  • Integrated with call centre
  • Integrated with telecom providers for messaging and calling various parties including customers

Increases your assets life

  • Prevent misuse
  • Pre-emptive maintenance
  • Optimal performance
  • After sales service before the customer knows theres a problem
  • Validate warranty claims
  • Remotely trouble shoot

Have reliable customer

  • Data driven credit scoring
  • Credit score updates with payment behaviour
  • Predicts default according to usage trends
  • Protect Payments