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Solar Pay Go Home system
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Solar Pay Go Home System

Solar Pay Go Home System
The SPG Platform offers a full-service and yet flexible approach to managing on-going payments for Solar Home Systems remotely. The platform integrates with mobile money (or other) end-user payments to trigger an alert to activate or deactivate the Solar Home System, using GSM communications to do this remotely. Remote power control can radically increase the efficiency of repayments and/or allows for a pre-pay business model. The platform easily integrates with a CRM to manage end-user communications related to payment and their power use.
Our Connected Hardware captures Voltage, Current and Temperature data on the unit at high frequency and utilising GSM communications to send it to our platform. Customers benefit from insight on the state of health and use of the systems, preventing misuse or tampering and helping to create a picture of the end-user and their power use as well as segment users and their risk profile based on use.